Pole Fitness


Pole Dance and Fitness is a great way to have fun whilst keeping fit. Not only can Pole improve your physical strength in your core but also throughout all of the skeletal muscles of your body. Continued lessons can lead to the appearance of firm, toned muscles over a fairly short period of time and also improves balance, agility, flexibility, stamina and co-ordination. Each class, you can expect to burn anywhere from 250 to 450 calories and we can guarantee you'll have a great time.


The Lesson


Each class is 60 minutes long and we recommend that you wear shorts and a vest or t-shirt. These classes are barefoot but we're working on a rota to introduce a classique session every couple of weeks where we'll encourage you to bring heels. Please do not moisturise before class (try and refrain from moisturising at least 4 hours before or at all that day if possible) and leave your jewellery at home, especially rings. Please try and arrive 5-10 minutes early for your lesson to ensure that you are not late and do not miss the warm-up.

Your lesson will be composed of a warm-up, strengthening exercises, learning spins and tricks and then using these in a combination which we will pair with music to make a small routine each week.


Regardless of level, each lesson you will be working on your core strength, stamina, flexibility, musicality and most importantly, your confidence.

We've got some fantastic spins, climbs, poses and tricks to teach you! The difficulty inevitably varies in relation to your level. Beginners stay a little closer to the ground than our advanced students but when we do get you a little higher, we've got plenty of crash mats to go round...you're safe with us.











My Gravity Fitness and Dance Pole Dancing Classes London


The Levels


As it says on the tin, if you've never done pole before, this lesson is perfect for you. This level will suit you roughly until you can do a couple of inverted positions.


Lower Intermediate

You can invert (maybe not every time but you've got it there somewhere) and you're relatively comfortable with being upside down once you're there.



You can invert every time and are happy with your Leg Hangs, Butterfly and The Bow



What, being upside down hanging from your armpit isn't normal? Well it is in this class.


Pole Choreograghy and combos

In this class you will be taught a fun choreography with move combinations and musicality 1hour 30mins.  This is a mixed ability class.