Yobanna Fahmy

My name is Yobanna Fahmy an i am the owner of My Gravity Fitness & Dance. I discovered pole Fitness in 2007 after having my first child, and fell in love with it straight away.  Due to my existing upper body strength i progressed very quickly and was soon accomplishing things i never thought possible.  My back ground is in dance and martial arts, which i continued up to my late teens.  I am passionate and dedicated to giving my students not only the best tuition possible but also the best possible environment to excel in.  I am an instructor trainer for the world renound Xpert Pole and Aerial instructor training. 


CYQ ETM Level 2

CYQ GYM Instructor Level 2

CYQ Personal Training Level 3

AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga Level 1 & 2 Instructor

AntiGravity® Suspension Fitness Level 1 Instructor

AntiGravity® AIRBarre Level 1 Instructor

Spin City Aerial Hoop (Beginner & Intermediate)

BootyBarre Instructor

Bootybarre Sculpt

Bootybarre Bounce

Bbarreless Instructor

Xpert Pole instructor 1, 2 ,3 , 4

Xpert Aerial Silks instructor 1 & 2

Xpert Aerial Hoop Instructor

Xpert Flexibility flow

Xpert Children s Pole & Aerial Fitness

Xpert Aerial Hammock

Advanced Stretching FIE

Limitless Wheel training system & Limitless Wheel yoga flow instructor


KPC Professional winner 2018


Jane Giles

My name is Jane Giles and i teach Pole Fitness at My Gravity Fitness & Dance.  I have been doing pole for around 4 years, and still love every aspect of it.  I am very passionate about passing my knowledge on to my students in a safe and fun way. I have been competing doubles pole for the past year and love every minute of it.



Pole People Pole Fitness instructors 1 & 2 

Limitless wheel training system and limitless yoga flow.



KPC- Doubles Champions 2016

IPAAT -Doubes Best Spins 2016

Heir to the Chrome -Best entertainers Doubles 2017

Miss Pole Dance UK 2017- Best entertainers double.

IPAAT -Doubles 2nd Place 2018

Shirley Oparah


My Name is Shirley Oparah, I have been doing pole for about 4 years, silks and hoop for about 2 years.  I love teaching and watching my students progress.  I compete in pole professionally with my doubles partner Jane Giles. 



Xpert Pole Level 1 & 2

Xpert pole Leve 3 & 4

Xpert Aerial Hoop

Bootybarre instructor

Bbarreless instructor


KPC- Doubles Champions 2016

IPPAT -Doubes Best Spins 2016

Heir to the Chrome -Best entertainers Doubles 2017

Miss Pole Dance UK 2017- Best entertainers double.

IPAAT - Doubles 2nd place 2018

Katerina Zuckova


Katerina - Kaostubhi is experienced intensive care nurse and certified passionate yoga instructor who started practicing yoga in 2010.

Katerina successfully completed 200 hour teacher training course in India under the close eye of her guru Ganga Devi from Himalayan Yoga Institute, where she respectfully received her professional yoga name Kaostubhi. She was awarded with a diploma yoga sikshasa, teacher of yoga. Her yoga journey has continued and she further gained 200 hour teacher training with Teach Yoga school in London. This training provided extensive knowledge about the anatomy and physiology concentrating on a proper body alignment and body mechanics. Thanks to this course, Kaostubhi discovered a passion to teach intelligent powerful classes with a focus on a body precision and a body awareness. Kaostubhi is currently studying towards BWY 500 hour teacher training course with Yoga Therapist and Pilates Teacher, Elena Voyce PhD.



The core of Kaostubhi’s teaching philosophy is that yoga can benefit to all body types; if you can breathe, you can do yoga. The base of her classes is a focus on breath, while leading students through a series of asanas. The yoga classes are based on the original Hatha Yoga Pradipika teaching combined with Power, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Rocket yoga. The sequence and intensity of the class vary in accordance with students’ experience, intention, energy and prowess. Kaostubhi’s classes are accessible to beginners, while also challenging for intermediate and advanced students.

Kaostughi’s intention is to help her students discover through yoga the inner love, light, infinite potential, peace within and overall improve wellness in life.

Wendy Viana

My name is wendy and i teach Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks, Flexibility and children's Aerial classes.  I started doing pole and Aerial about 4 years ago, taking a break in the middle due to having my 3rd child. i am very passionate about helping my students discover that it doesn't matter their age, shape or fitness level, anything is possible.  I have a background in martial arts, at which i competed and won various national tittles.  I also have over 10 years experience working within the childcare industry.


Xpert Aerial Hoop Instructors 1 & 2

Xpert Aerial Silks Instructors 1 & 2

Xpert Children's Pole & Aerial Fitness

Spin city Flexibility 

NVQ level 3 in childcare and young people workforce

Cache level 3 diploma in home base child care

Montessori approach for young children

Certificate in working with Autistic spectrum disorder

Paediatric First Aid trained

Certificate in child protection awareness.

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